ELVAN currently offers fixed photovoltaic support structures:

  • DOUBLE-PILE (FRONT AND BACK LEG): Can support up to three panels in vertical layout or up to six panels in horizontal layout.
  • SINGLE-PILE: Can support up to two panels in vertical layout or up to three panels in horizontal layout.

Projects in the order of MWp for fixed support structures have been designed and delivered successfully, by virtue of their advantages:

  • custom design for the base structure, tailored to each particular project, accounting for location, European Standard-defined loads, panels, electrical drawings etc.
  • very short delivery times, due to the large productivity of automated production lines
  • minimal volume leading to decreased transportation costs
  • very simple system for quick and easy installation
  • installation on any ground type
  • manufacturing of piles and superstructure with hot-dip galvanized steel post-production in compliance with EN ISO 1461, which offers:
  • 10-year guarantee and 20-year service life
  • 100% bankable product, insurable by virtually any insurance company

ELVAN holds the CE, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates, which underline the excellent quality in the development of its products, its respect to the natural environment and its contribution to sustainable economical and social development.

The company is strongly oriented to serving the customer. In its strive to satisfy various customer needs that may arise, ELVAN offers a multitude of complementary services such as:

  • Adapting the support structure plan to the needs of the project, in accordance with both the structural loads and the electrical drawing.
  • Support and handling of any issues concerning civil engineering, low/medium voltage and photovoltaic panel/inverter setup, by putting the company’s technical department at the client’s disposal.
  • Adapding to the administrative needs of the project by programming deliveries to the client’s needs and managing supply in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.