ELVAN provides step-by-step technical consulting throughout the process of planning, file composition and viability assessment of your investment, and in particular:

  • selecting the proper system (single or double-pile fixed structure)
  • mapping an initial siting
  • preliminary costing and
  • issuing a pro forma invoice

Design is tailored specifically for each project.


Having successfully installed hundreds of MWp in various countries, ELVAN has the know-how and proper software tools to perform structural analysis for any fixed support structure on any ground type.

Given the following information:

  • project location,
  • configuration/dimensions/inclination of the site,
  • ground type,
  • panels/inverters to be used,
  • panel configuration etc.

The support structure is designed as per existing regulations, particularly for each project. Our aim is to ensure structural adequacy while minimizing cost and maximizing ease of installation.